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Sonora house

Our friend from Mexico wanted us to create the concept of the house for one family. They wanted simple and bright house, but they didn't want it to be like a simply coloured box with windows. We didn't want to invent something new, we wanted to harmoniously combine the color and shape. In our project we used pitched roof with an internal gutter system. In order to get away from the standard use of windows, we decided to make them scatter, of different shapes and sizes. In addition to custom design, this solution allows light to come into all rooms of the house. So here we can see long ago invented bright coloured house with some modern minimalistic shape. Despite to these bright vision we made it fits in with the environment.

Unfortunately, at some stage the project was suspended, but we were passionate about the idea of this concept, so we completed it.

We did not expect that our project will be seen on different platforms by large publics, such as design boom, behance and others. But we are very pleased to see warm reviews from different people. And the most beautiful thing is to see how your idea inspires other people. We really appreciate this, and we will try to keep creating other interesting concepts.

Design & visualizations: Davit Jilavyan, Mary Jilavyan

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