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Nature is the biggest inspiration to us - we’ve told this many many times before but it’s so true that we’ll repeat it as many times as we could. Nature is perfect. All the organisms, plants, landscapes are so unique, you could never find two identical flowers or any other natural things. We were scrolling Pinterest and accidentally saw dry poppy head. I literally got some flashes in my eyes (like flashbacks on the films) and saw some details that became this project a bit later. Dry poppy head really looks like architecture with some arches and balconies. That’s what we did. Tried to look at poppy from this point of view. The color of the building is red which makes it look really elegant. And landscape with dry field makes contrast between background and main object. We also made gloomy skies to highlight the object even more. I really like the whole composition and mood that we got.
So in our idea this object is some sorta pavilion which can be used for some events or just some canopy with more interesting design. Material of the object is fiber concrete.

Design & Visualization: Davit Jilavyan, Mary Jilavyan

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