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Paint your life

We made this project for Foundation App.
We wanted to become a part of this NFT to understand why is it so popular and what it gives to artists.

The idea of the project is the importance of colors in life. If you watched the film called 'Pleasantville' you would better understand the meaning of the project. In the film, the life of black and white movie heroes becomes colored as their lives getting more lively, when they're starting to feel more emotions. 
That's what we have to understand. We can choose to color our lives or not. 
As you could see we truly believe that colors make people happier. That's what we lack. 

So in our short video, you can clearly see how the perception of the image changing just by adding some colors.
Let's do this with our lives, let's paint our lives!

The project is collectible. Tap to go to 

Design & visualizations: Davit Jilavyan, Mary Jilavyan

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