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Mayfair, London facade

After our experimental project - the facade of a house in New York - we were approached by a client who saw potential for something similar with his own home in Mayfair, central London. 


Our goal was to design a contemporary concept drawing of a 4 bedroom sustainable family home, fit for modern living, to replace a dilapidated late mid-century house.


Because the building is within a Conservation area we drew inspiration from the house we proposed to replace (e.g. reinventing a contemporary take on the long window) and the neighbouring buildings, believing this would complement the historic lineage of the area and yet meet the client's needs.


The internal layout and construction had already been developed by another studio but the client wished our facade to increase the level of natural light into each room and he wanted a balcony off the kitchen / dinning room on the top floor where it would get most use.  It was also important for us to maintain our style, namely white window frames of different thicknesses, made of natural stone (in this case is limestone or sandstone). Black brick was chosen as a facing material to blend in better with the adjacent building.


We hope Westminster, the local planning authority, will look on our plans favourably.

Design & Visualization: Davit Jilavyan, Mary Jilavyan

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