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dream  castle

This project is a series of interior posters on dreamy architecture theme.
We wanted to create something that you'll look at and feel calm. It something between Disney castle and Grand Budapest Hotel. Disney always was something that you know for sure will introduce you absolutely another world full of kindness and happiness. That will make you believe in something magical. 
Grand Budapest Hotel is also absolutely unique universe. It's colors and the whole atmosphere is always a huge inspiration for us. We get so much cool ideas just seeing some five second videos from the film.
We took the pink colour cause it's the most dreamy one. Light blue skies are so airy, you can feel the fresh and even smell it (we can!).
Also we made the outdoor lighting that we love sooo much since Sonora House project. We think it adds some charm to the whole building and highlights it's lines.
We used the castle structure and made it absolutely minimalistic. We made rough shapes and very few details. Also we added massive white frames for windows to make it look like Sonora House. Honestly we believe that pink with white look just amazing.
In the beginning we planned to create 1-2 exterior images but we were so inspired that made more. Much more. More than that we also made couple interior pictures! We've never done anything close to this style so it was very new to us and we liked that! 
We hope you'll enjoy the project!

Design & visualizations: Davit Jilavyan, Mary Jilavyan

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